Water Lantern Festival Sends Thousands of Lights Afloat at Voinovich Park

Sat 8/17 @ 6PM

The Water Lantern Festival at Voinovich Park, originally scheduled for June 15,  wasn’t part of the big Xtinguish celebration marking the 50th anniversary of the final Cuyahoga River fire before the river cleanup started. It’s actually a national event being done in cities around the country. And although it seemed like a nice lead-in to the Xtinguish/Cuyahoga50 events, alas, it got rained out. But it’s on again for Sat 8/17.

Each ticket holder gets a floating lantern, which attendees launch starting at sunset and continuing for the next hour until thousands of lanterns are floating on the water. Since this is an environmentally focused event, all the lanterns are collected when the event is over, as well as any additional trash floating in the area.

Attendees are advised to arrive between 6-8:30PM to enjoy the weather, listen to music, patronize the food trucks and local vendors and decorate your lanterns. From 9-9:30PM there’ll be lantern stories, meditation and launch instructions. Lanterns will be launched between 9:30 & 10:30pm.

It’s a family-friendly event open to all ages. Adults tickets are $25; youth tickets (8-14) are $12. Additional lanterns are available for $15 if you’d like to take one home.


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  1. Sounds like a great event. I especially like the clean up at the end!

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