Science Cafe at the Music Box Unravels the Mysteries of Quantum Mechanics

Mon 4/8 @ 7PM

The monthly Science Cafes at the Music Box Supper Club give non-scientists a change to bone upon what’s going on in various fields of scientific research, as experts from Case Western Reserve University share their expertise. This month, CWRU physics professor Dr. Harsh Mathur will talk about Quantum Entanglement: How “Spooky Action at a Distance” Led to Quantum Computers and Teleportation.

 While extensively researched, much about quantum mechanics, with its vast contradictions and vast potential, remains to be discovered. “The past few years have seen remarkable developments in quantum mechanics with new insights, new experiments, and potential new applications, such as quantum teleportation and quantum computing,” they tell us.

Dr. Mathur will explain the puzzling aspects of quantum mechanics and the new discoveries that have expanded understanding in terms a layman can understand.

The event is free and open at all. A full menu and bar will be available, with doors opening at 5:30pm.


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