“Tomorrow,” Screening at West Shore UU Church, Looks at Ways to Build a Sustainable Future

Sat 3/9 @ 7PM

The so-called “Green New Deal” may be nothing more than a sweeping package of aspirations being promoted by those who’ve just discovered climate advocacy as a Shiny New Thing. But it’s given the issue of climate change a toehold in a media which has long dismissed the idea of protecting the future of our planet too boring to cover in much depth.

The documentary Tomorrow performs a similar function, looking at potential alternative ways to structure the way we live, grow and food, produce energy and create a fairer economy. And it suggests things people can do NOW, close to home, to help build a more sustainable Earth.

The film will be screened at the West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church as part of its social justice film series. Director of Cuyahoga County’s Department of Sustainability, a long-time climate advocate, will lead the post-film discussion.

It’s free.



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