Learn the Science Behind Pretzel Making at the Coit Road Farmers Market

Sat 2/23 @ 11AM-1PM

If someone told you lye was used in baking those big tasty Bavarian pretzels, would you put it down and go “ew”? Don’t. It’s used, like baking soda in bagels, to raise the alkalinity level, which makes those pretzels brown and crisp.

Come to Coit Road Farmers Market for their weekly cooking demo and learn all about this aspect of the science of cooking, and how to make your own pretzels and bagels from scratch. “We’ll probably also touch upon alkaline noodles which are real ramen noodles,” they promise. There are always samples.

Meanwhile, the market is open from 8am-1pm and even though it’s the dead of winter, there’s still plenty available including lettuces and microgreens from year-round growers and crops such as potatoes, carrots and onions, which store during the cold months, along with baked goods and other treats.


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