Local Rockers Uptight Sugar Start the Year with a Headlining Show at Mahall’s

Fri 1/4 @ 8PM

Singer/songwriter David Hamilton, the engine behind local band Uptight Sugar, has been kicking around the Cleveland music scene for years. About five years ago, a stable lineup coalesced, with bassist Adam Christian, drummer Dan Jankowski, guitarist Matt Vance and guitarist/keyboard player Mike Murray, and they began to hone and tighten their act on the local club circuit.

This time last year, they announced their presence with an EP called Under Blue Light, produced by Murray, that showcased the sound they’d been developing: straightahead rock with a touch of electronica and psychedelia. They’ve already begun work on their followup.

Uptight Sugar will be headlining a show at Mahall’s 20 Lanes with Vinyl Wings, the Ballroom Charades and Mood Bored sharing the stage. Admission is $10.




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