Filmmaker/Jewish Genealogy Society Member Natalie Bauman Talks Back at Maltz Museum

Wed 12/19 @ 6:30PM

Local filmmaker and member of the Jewish Genealogy Society Natalie Bauman discusses the film Arnon Goldfinger film The Flat at Maltz Museum.

The film brings to life the flat on the third level of a Bauhaus building in Tel Aviv, where filmmaker Goldfinger’s grandparents lived after fleeing their beloved Germany in the 1930s, after the Nazis came to power.

The flat starts out empty, but not for long. As the drama unfolds, a surprising national interest is revealed, a friendship transcends enemy lines, and bottled-up family emotions surface.

Bauman conducts the talk-back after the screening. Admission costs $10, or $5 for Maltz Museum & Siegal Lifelong Learning members.



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