Share Your Thanksgiving With the Animals at the Zoo

Thu 11/22 @ 10AM-5PM

Looking to keep the kids out from underfoot while Thanksgiving dinner is being prepared? Get the non-cooking adults to take them to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, where admission is free all day Thanksgiving Day.

Not only that, but there is a schedule of “animal enrichment” activities to observe, activities that encourage animals to engage in natural behaviors. Watch the lions at the African Savanna at 10am, the orangutans at the RainForest at 10:30am, the tigers at Wilderness Trek at 11, the snow leopards at Asian Highlands at 11:30, the fossa at the Primate, Cat & Aquatics area at noon, South American fish at Primates, Cat & Aquatics at 12:30pm, Francois’ Langus at the RainForest at 1:30, Elephant at the African Elephant Crossing at 2:30, and the grizzly bears at Wilderness Trek at 3:30pm.


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