TODAY is the DAY to VOTE: Here’s Your CoolCleveland ENDORSEMENTS


Tue 11/6

CoolCleveland ENDORSEMENTS for today’s November 6 election.

In the past two months each week in CoolCleveland, our writers have shared their thoughts about what’s on the November 6, 2018 ballot.

Even if you don’t agree with us, we hope you’ll educate yourselves on candidates’ policies and votes and ignore the attack ads; the differences between candidates are too great to dismiss casually.

And above all, vote Tue 11/6. Here’s a roundup of our elections editorials.

Richard Cordray for Governor, Sherrod Brown for U.S. Senate

Richard Cordray for Governor, a millennial’s point of view by Jenna Thomas

Kathleen Clyde for Secretary of State

Vote for Democrats downticket for attorney general, secretary of state, auditor and treasurer

Janet Garrett for Congress in OH-04

Betsy Rader for Congress in OH-14

Susan Moran Palmer for Congress in OH-16

Yes on Issue 1

The Ramifications of Issue 1 by Mansfield Frazier

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