Tri-C High School Rock Off Returns for Year 23

2018 High School Rock Off winner Montage

Deadline: Fri 12/7

When the High School Rock Off launched 23 years ago as a way to fill some slow time during the winter doldrums, it didn’t seem like something that would last into its now third decade. With electronic music and hip hop filling high school hall, teens weren’t forming bands the way they once did.

But with a new wave of younger rock bands, that changed and now the annual event, now called the Tri-C High School Rock Off, gets more applications than it could possibly accept.

And this year it’s back at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum where it will kick off with semi-final rounds Sat 1/12, Sat 1/19, Sat 1/26 and Sat 2/2, with the “final exam” taking place Sat 2/16.

Entries are currently open, through Fri 12/7. Go here for details and requirements.

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