Writing and the Creative Process by Claudia J. Taller

Fri 6/1-Sun 6/3

I recently read an article about how artists have always had other jobs that supported them. Is it easier to have a job for security while creating art? Or does creating great art require total dedication to its creation? Is the work that’s produced worthy of someone else’s attention? Or is that even important if the work is brought about by an artist who is deeply committed to expression and craft?

During the weekend of Fri 6/1-Sun 6/3, Word Lovers welcomes writers Regina M. Geither and Kelly Boyer Sagert to Lakeside’s Idlewyld Bed and Breakfast. Their Saturday workshops are central to the weekend retreat which will also include color meditation, a critique session, morning stretches, a bountiful breakfast and a workshop by Claudia Taller called Hearing Your Words. Hearing Your Words involves hearing the sound out loud, being authentic from the inside, choosing the best words and finding a poetic rhythm. This interactive workshop will let you see your writing with new ears.

Kelly Boyer Sagert is a full-time freelance writer with 28 years of professional writing experience. She has published 14 books and thousands of shorter pieces, and she has had five of her plays performed. One of her plays was used as the basis of the Emmy-Award-nominated PBS documentary, Trail Magic: The Grandma Gatewood Story, where she received full writing credits.

Kelly’s workshop, called How to Turn Your Creativity Into Cash, will focus on selling your work to editors today by tapping into your creativity to create writing that is fresh, original and engaging while also navigating the often-tricky world of publishing.

Regina M. Geither grew up on legends, myths, mysteries and tales of the paranormal, and now writes young adult and children’s fantasy fiction.  Swamp Stallion (2008), a short story in the McGraw-Hill Imagine It! reading series, was Geither’s first published work.  She is also the author of a Celtic paranormal fantasy trilogy which includes Island of Tory (2012), Cursing Stone (2013) and Three (2014). Geither’s most recent project is her Celtic Kids series (2014-2016), a collection of children’s fantasy adventure books.

Gina’s workshop, The Skinny on Storytelling and Short Stories, will demonstrate how an artfully written story can grip the soul and change a reader’s perspective. Geither will also explore methods for collecting story ideas, explain ways of organizing a story, and teach how to satisfy readers while still leaving them begging for more.

If you’re interested in the June event at Lakeside, Ohio’s Chautauqua, go to claudiajtaller.com to register. Or write to Claudia.taller@yahoo.com with questions. CoolCleveland contributor Taller has been leading Word Lovers retreats for over ten years. This will be the 21st Word Lovers event.


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