Tap Dance Killer Issue #1 is Unleashed on the World

Actress Nikki St Clair (Named after the iconic Avenue) was the sweetest gal in the Cleveland until she was cast in a horror show musical as the Tap Dance Killer. Now, unable to shake the role, this 1920s-esque bizarre mobster assassin is out on the streets dealing damage with a theatrical flair that leaves ’em, quite literally, slain in the aisles! 

Akron resident Ted Sikora, raised in Cleveland, unleashes his latest comic masterpiece on April 18, 2018: Tap Dance Killer can be found in stores around the world distributed by Diamond Comics (the largest distributor of comics in the world), plus at their Hero Tomorrow online shop: https://squareup.com/market/herotomorrow


The character Tap Dance Killer developed from an original musical “Nothing Like Vaudeville” that Ted and his brother Kurt staged at the Phantasy Theatre in Lakewood in the early 1990’s. The series is striking for the fact that the Tap Dance Killer hero(ine) is female, black and a musical theatre artist who happens to be a bad-ass killer. The faux-violent adventures are scripted as theatre rehearsals and performances taking place in an imagined setting reminiscent of the post-industrial landscape of Northeast Ohio.

Follow the fascinating timeline of the development of the Tap Dance Killer character, from demo song through rock band incarnation, to musical theatre to jazz vocal rendition, to current comic book incarnation.


The character re-emerged last year at Cleveland Fashion Week for a cameo appearance. Tap Dance Killer was written by Sikora, with incredible illustrations by Nickolaus Harrison, with colors by Sikora and David Baf Gallart.

Also debuting on the same date is #1 of a new series, “Apama, The Undiscovered Animal.”



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