37th Starwood Festival Offers Enlightenment in the Woods

Tue 7/11-Mon 7/17

While the annual Starwood Festival, now in its 37th year, does not take place in Cleveland, it was founded in Cleveland and it’s run by a Cleveland-based group. It’s had several bucolic outdoor locations, the current one being the Wisteria Campground and Event Center in Pomeroy, in southeast Ohio — appropriately, near Athens, an island of enlightenment in a sea of Trump Country.

And Starwood is all about enlightenment, what some might call New Age, striving for a higher consciousness and exploring various types of spirituality. It’s a week-long orgy of music, dance, speakers, workshops, classes, ceremonies, drum circles, jam sessions, swimming, hiking and communing with nature. And there’s its legendary Saturday night bonfire. It’s also clothing option. Several Cleveland bands are playing including the long-running jam band the JiMiller Band and dark, dreamy but aggressive folk goth ensemble Morticia’s Chair.

Entry at the gate for the whole (including camping) is $245; weekend rate is $135. There are also college rates and a meal plan for those who’d rather not cook their own food at their campsite.


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