Photographer Angelo Merendino Shot His Friends ‘In Dad’s Chair,’ Opening at Foothill Galleries

Thu 6/8 @ 6-9PM

Did your father have a special chair where he settled after work to read the newspaper or watch a game on TV? Photographer Angelo Merendino’s did. He bought it in 1951 shortly after getting married and spent a significant amount of his relaxation time in it.

“When dad retired to his chair, that was his time,” says Merendino. “It was his time to read the newspaper, to watch a ballgame or a movie, or to take a nap. Whether or not the world and his responsibilities were on his mind, it was his place to unwind and just exist. I can still see the smile on dad’s face when, surrounded by his family, he sat in his chair, looking over his legacy. Dad always seemed at peace when he sat in his chair.”

After his father died, Merendino, the youngest of a brood of 11, inherited the chair, providing a tangible connection to his heritage. Like many of us, he moved away and became distant from his parents, only to appreciate their story and their lives more as he grew older. He also came to appreciate the people in his own life and invite them to sit in that chair and have their photos taken. Those photos will make up the show In Dad’s Chair, opening at the Foothill Gallery in Cleveland Heights Thu 6/8 @ 6-9pm. It will be on view through Sun 8/13.


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