Zygote Press Show Explores the Boundaries of Abstraction and Representation

“Strange Attractor” by Jamey Hart

Fri 5/12 @ 6-8PM

Free Style: tease and tension between abstraction and representation, opening at the Zygote Press gallery, explores where the boundaries between abstraction and figurative art lie. Curated by Zygote executive director Liz Maugans, the nine regional artists in the show work in various media including painting, drawing, prints and collage to explore the conflicts and challenges presented to representational art by abstraction and how one can incorporate the other.

Participating artists include Justin Brennan, Dave Cintron, Jamey Hart, Michael Lombardy, James March, Kelsey Moulton, Patricia Zinmeister Parker, Scott Pickering and Grace Summanen. The show opens with reception Fri 5/12 @ 6-8pm and runs through Sat 6/24.


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