PHOTOSTREAM: Rooms To Let CLE: Slavic Village 05.21.16

  05.21.16 Rooms To Let- Slavic Village


Rooms To Let: CLE on Sat 5/21 & Sun 5/22 allowed artists to convert four East 54th Street homes in Slavic Village into art installations. Both disturbing and enlightening, encouraging and disheartening, Rooms To Let: CLE transformed E. 54th Street in Slavic Village into an educational playground for all to experience. Dozens of artists created works in vacant homes which are slated for demolition, providing a reason to walk down a street less travelled. Visitors had the chance to enjoy snacks and music sponsored by Agumboot Arts, make a swiggle necklace with Catherine Butler or a print with the help of Zygote Press artists, and bang on the head of a local musician to  “disturb the neighborhood.” Kids had a lot of fun with the latter!

The event, now in its third year, is an instant block party with snacks from artisan butchers Saucisson (soon to open a storefront in Slavic Village) and a beer garden with live music sponsored by Platform Beer Company.

RoomsToLet Curating the homes were architect designer Sai Sinbondit (3620 East 54th), as well as artists Dana DePew (3725 East 54th), Amy Krusinski Sinbondit (3620 East 54th), Scott Pickering (3603 East 54th) and Chris Webb (3725 East 54th). Each selected as many as a dozen other artists to design individual rooms.

[Photos and Review by Carol Hunt & Loraine Farmer]

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