Grace Brothers Holds 3rd Annual Sustainable Living Weekend


Sat 4/11-Sun 4/12

So you’ve been growing your own tomatoes, lettuce and basil for a few years now. But you keep hearing about all the new developments in urban growing and want to move up to another level.

You’re in luck. Grace Brothers Nursery, located in the Gordon Square neighborhood, is hosting its 3rd Annual Sustainable Living Weekend, two days of free classes that will provide an intro to what else is possible.

On Saturday you can find out more about raising backyard chickens (11am), beekeeping (1pm) or integrating ornamentals with edibles in a permaculture setting (2:30pm). They’ll repeat the backyard chickens class on Sunday at noon, followed by a session on decorating with succulents indoors and out at 1:30pm.

By the way, once you’ve decided raising chickens is the thing for you, Grace Brothers will see you the coops, the feed — and the chickens!

Photo by Anastasia Pantsios

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