Has Cleveland’s Quiet Crisis Gone Away? @civiccommons

Tue 5/27 @ 5pm

It’s been over 10 years since the Plain Dealer and ideastream reported on the “Quiet Crisis” plaguing Cleveland. Our city (and region) was dealing w/ a dying downtown, struggling schools, the lack of a convention center, sprawl, corruption and crime. So, how have things changed since then? What was successful? What should we focus on now? Hear a panelists of movers-and-shakers and add your own ideas to the mix.


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3 Responses to “Has Cleveland’s Quiet Crisis Gone Away? @civiccommons”

  1. FIRST! (to whutever…)…GUESS what..STILL sorta is thou Budish Backers saying HE is greatest thing since the….

    LISTEN…FOLKS fried..tired, Retiring.etc. Grab whutever $ gonna get from whenever they visit a Tremont or OHIO city or some other function and be happy…DONT be idgets and ticket,fee fine folks to death…

    Let the jailings,shootings,rehab,retirement homes,arsonists,small biz creation and all THAT help save the day and call it a day….LIMITS to YUP thing…HOW many folks up to this new wundrous econ revolution being peddled…SERIOUSLY… even if it is all THAT gonna be small scale…DONT give this fake illusion delusion to folks….

  2. DOWNTOWN saved itself…REST going to jail,killed,rehab,etc. or driven off…or hiding out in WHUTEVER…occasionally surface and fling some wood,boxes for some poor funky biz somewhere for a few $s and help keep THEM solvent and off tax delinquency rolls…

    UP to FRANK J and HIS crew far as a BREAKTHROUGH school…or VO EDS…. get some moldmakers out of it…or botmakers…HEY….AND so it goes…

    DIMORA is on way to some US territorial ISLAND out THERE somewhere… lot of old timers said enough…TIME will tell if NEWBIE crew LEARNED from past horrors thou greed,ego is a POWERFUL thing…. good ol FBI sure willing to oblige…BE THANKFUL smaller city…LESS BS…. folks MAY NOT FLEE as FAR as FAST FEARING the FIASCOES…. I would hate to ‘bank’ on THAT thou….

  3. SPEND the $50 MILLION for DEMOLITION FUND THAT ALL CAN AGREE IS SMART MOVE and call it a day and let the chips fall where may and end delusions…OHIO broke and LAYING down the law…SO are the rest…SO is DC…SSI to rest having PROBLEMS and JUST not a winner…. WHAT some lawyer thinks if IF try n sign up 333 slobs 33 will get bennies and THEY get paid for THIER legalbegal work…. YOU want to TRY O TRY n have THIS debate when got THIS LAWYER INDUSTRY with MEGA DOLLAR TV ads flooding the aiwaves and TV channels with pitch for….

    HATE to TRY n count on MY city council job or WHUTEVER on all THAT lanscape shape shifting sh*t…. FUND for THAT crew to get THEM out of the way and call it a day…. a PULTE may have BEST idea minus handful of McMansions put up on a city block….

    AND wonder WHY BURB mayors saying ENOUGH….or LEVELING their roach motels as fast as can….

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