Yards Project Looks Behind the Scenes at How Artists Create Paintings

Thu 1/13 @ 5:30-8:30PM

Painters, like all artists, have a variety of different processes for creating their works. Some just grab their paints and start working on canvas or whatever surface they’re using. Others do preliminary sketches as guides or draw an outline on the canvas. Some even create studies for their works in other mediums.

The Yards Project’s next show is called Painting Studies, and it will look at the different approaches taken by area artists to create a finished painting, giving viewers a peek into their studio practices. Artists included in the show are Lawrence Baker, Harriet Moore Ballard, Allison Bogard Hall, James Burnett, David Louis Cintron, Isabel Farnsworth, John Howitt, Michaelle Marschall, Jen Omaitz, LeSaundra Robinson, Bonnie Venable and Bob Walls.

The Yards Project, located in the lobby of the Worthington Yards Apartments in the Warehouse District, is going back to Thursday evening openings, so Painting Studies will open on Thursday January 13 @ 5:3-8pm. Masks are required. They will also be bringing back their Saturday morning ARTVentures visits to local artist studios soon, so stay tuned.



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