Artist/Educator Sarah Curry Opens Show of Work Inspired by Her Students

Thu 11/12 @ 6-8PM

Fri 10/16-Fri 12/4

Artist Sarah Curry has taught art at Brush High School for almost 20 years. And her students there provided her with the inspiration and raw material for her latest show of prints, drawings, collages and paintings at HEDGE Gallery, titled Underestimated.

“To much of the world, teenage girls appear trivial but I continue to discover a conflicted world in which teen girls are navigating a complex terrain,” says Curry. “I see myself in them and remember they are living in what were my most difficult years. I relate to their insecurity; their need to be independent, but not ready to be a woman; their struggle to define, but not limit themselves; their need to be encouraged and guided, but not directed; their realization that they fear a world that fears them back; their attempts to find themselves, fit in, be liked, be unique, stand out, blend in. My process of understanding their complicated journey helps me relive my own experience and support them through it.”

There’s a preview reception for the show on Wednesday October 14 @ 6-8pm. It officially opens during Third Friday, October 16 @ 5-8pm, and runs through Friday December 4. Curry will give an artist talk at the gallery Thursday November 12 @ 6-8pm.


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