Read Your Way Across Ohio with Belt Anthology Package

Cleveland-based Belt Publishing specializes in putting out books of all types — fiction, history, memoirs, essay collections — that focus on life in the Midwest and Great Lakes region.

Among those are a series of anthologies with multiple writers offering their distinctive takes on life in the region’s cities. Currently, it’s offering what it’s calling its “Ohio Anthology Bundle.” For $60, you can get a package of five books, including The Cincinnati Anthology, The Akron Anthology, The Cleveland Anthology, The Cleveland Neighborhood Guidebook and Car Bombs to Cookie Tables: The Youngstown Anthology, and travel the state from the comfort of your lawn chair. If you’d like to delve into how the currently exploding Black Lives Matter is connected to the Midwest, add Black in the Middle: An Anthology of the Black Midwest to your order. While it won’t be out until September 1, you can pre-order, and it should be on its way by the time you’ve read the other books.

Ohio Anthology Bundle

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