MANSFIELD: Uncle Joe’s Accuser

Allow me to state without equivocation that I have zero use for weak people, but weak men in particular, whom I consider to be the scum of the earth. The Harvey Weinsteins of the world, men who use their wealth or position of power to take advantage of others, especially women, are a stain upon mankind. How could I feel otherwise, being a member of a race that has had more than its share of predatory behavior in all forms heaped upon it over the centuries.

This brings me to Joe Biden, and the woman who has accused him of sexual misconduct, Tara Reade. Unless you’ve been residing under a rock for the last few weeks you’ve no doubt heard the accusations she has leveled against the presidential candidate: That he attempted to rape her in a hallway of the U.S. Capitol back in 1993 when she was employed there as one of his aides. Since neither you, I nor anyone else were present (by Ms. Reade’s own admission), it’s her word against his, and, like it or not, out of simple respect her allegations have to be taken seriously.

Now, I’ve never been inside the Capitol Building, but I can’t imagine a hallway being so secluded that Biden (or anyone else) would run the risk of engaging in such behavior in an open place where anyone could suddenly walk pass at any moment. Uncle Joe might be a bit dense, but no one in their right mind is that stupid. If he had the hots for Ms. Reade, I’m sure he could have rented a hotel room and found a way to lure her there since, after all, she worked for him; he was her boss.

But to my mind, the most glaring aspect of these charges is their singularity: Human behavior is highly predictable, and men who engage in deviant sexual behavior are always repeat offenders — and I do mean always. They are driven by whatever demons drive them to engage (or attempt to engage) in their deviancy. If Biden engaged in this kind of behavior once, any expert on deviant sexual behavior will 100% guarantee you that he’s done it multiple other times. This isn’t a matter of speculation, just a simple statement of fact.

So where are the other women?

This entire situation is complicated by Biden’s past behavior with women. He is known to have — and since apologized for — invading women’s spaces and hugging and otherwise touching them without their permission. These acts were done in public so it’s only logical that this behavior also occurred in private. But unwanted touching is a long way from digitally penetrating a woman without her permission.

Why would Ms. Reade make such allegations at this juncture? Well, there is a presidential race on the horizon — she could be a paid operative attempting to influence the outcome of that contest; or she could simply be batshit crazy.

However, even if Ms. Reade has ulterior motives (such as wanting her 15 minutes of fame), she and her allegations still deserve to be treated with the upmost respect, even while questioning them. That’s what the current occupant of the White House would do, isn’t it?

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