Dreadlock Dave Plays Happy Music to Reduce Your Stress


There is no musician in northeast Ohio groovier than “Dreadlock Dave” McDougald. His long blond dreadlocks and sunny smile are familiar throughout its jam-band community and beyond. The singer/songwriter/bass player fronted Waterband for many years, and currently performs as a solo artist, as well as with his project Big Ship, which keeps the jam-band vibe while structuring the music into more digestible songs.

Music this cheerful from a musician so relentlessly upbeat may be just what some of you need right now. So take heart: McDougald is planning to livestream every Tuesday @ 7pm until things get back to normal.

He says, “I have been a full time musician in Cleveland Ohio USA for nearly 30 years! Due to the COVID-19 virus, as many others, I have also lost ALL of my income from live performances, teaching & recording sessions for the foreseeable future. Of course I understand financial hardship has hit much of the world but generating money is not my primary inspiration to share this live music. My focus has always been, regardless of the musical vehicle, to spread the good vibes, peace & love!

I hope you will join me and share with friends! Have a groovy day! Peace, Blessings & Love ~ d”

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