MC/Educator Jahi Highlights Rock Hall’s Black History Month

Fri 2/7 @ 7-9PM

Oh no! There go the white boys on Facebook again, complaining about rap artists being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. “Not rock,” they wail, meaning “Not enough white boys with electric guitars.” But it’s hard to deny the influence that hip hop has had on ALL popular music (including white-boys-with-guitars rock), culture and society. So of course it gets a nod during the Rock Hall’s Black History Month programming.

“The Intersection Between Hip Hop Culture & Education” is a multimedia program and interactive discussion that aims to shed some light on the matter. It includes videos, recordings and performances looking at the elements that came together to form the genre, where they came from, where they’ve gone and what their impact was/is.

Leading the program is Oakland-based MC/performer/educator Jahi, who is originally from East Cleveland. He’s released 15 albums, teaches a hip-hop course at Oakland’s Holy Names University, is VP of A&R for Public Enemy leader Chuck D’s Spitslam Recordings, and is a member of Public Enemy RADIO. This month’s he’s celebrating the publication of his first book, The Microphone Journeyman, on Enemy Books. (Our columnist Mansfield Frazier has more on this).

The program is free with a reservation.


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