Learn How to Have Greener Yards and Healthier Homes

Tue 3/3 @ 6PM

A free workshop in collaboration between the City of Cleveland and Cuyahoga Soil & Water Conservation District will teach how to make your yards greener and your homes healthier. Not only does your yard have an enormous impact on the natural world around us, but it can also be a determinant in yours and your family’s personal health. Learn how to replace the chemicals you use in your yard with inexpensive, all-natural and effective ingredients that will create a healthier habitat for all. 

The workshop will take place at the Jefferson Branch of the Cleveland Public Library in Tremont, Tue 3/3 @ 6-7:30pm. The workshop is free, but should you choose to make a cleaning product, there is a $5 charge taken either as cash or check. 

[Written by Jenna Thomas]


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