Cleveland-Based Brazilian Musician Luca Mundaca Performs an Evening at the BOP STOP

Thu 1/16 @ 7PM

While certain politicians have tried to convince us that welcoming immigrants is a bad, evil, dangerous thing, most of us know better. Certainly, people who follow the Cleveland music scene know how it’s been enriched by talented artists from around the globe.

Case in point: Brazilian-born Luca Mundaca, who now makes her home in Cleveland. The guitarist, vocalist and composer shares with local audiences the rich musical flavors of her native country, mixing jazz, bossa nova and American pop in her appealing and vibrant performances, with the sophistication of a much-traveled musician who spent time in New York City.

She’ll be performing at the BOP STOP for an intimate evening that will give listeners the opportunity to immerse themselves in her music. Admission is $12.



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