Photographer Joe Kleon Hosting “Purrfect Portraits” at SAYMO Collective + Gallery

Photo by Joe Kleon

Sat 12/7 @ noon-5PM

After spending roughly 15 years shooting rock ’n’ roll animals, photographer Joe Kleon decided to switch subjects to cool cats of a different sort.

“I’m just a huge cat lover and about five years ago I wanted to become involved with a shelter and volunteer,” Kleon said. “I found Kitten Krazy. It’s a nonprofit cat rescue. I go down there every two weeks and volunteer as their photographer. I take pictures of all of the cats they have for adoption. I believe recently they just celebrated their 6,000thadoption.”

The professional photographer estimated in the last half decade he’s taken more than 4,000 cat photos. However, what started out as benevolent work for Kitten Krazy has now taken on new life.

Kleon’s first full-fledged cat photo show Purrfect Portraits takes place Dec. 7 at SAYMO Collective + Gallery in Kamm’s Corners. He said the show is completely unexpected and was born out of a casual conversation.

“I was talking to one of the guys at SAYMO Collective + Gallery, who said he’d like to do something with my concert photos, but he also saw these cat photos I post every other week,” Kleon said.

“Prior to that, the idea of a cat photo show never even crossed my radar. So we’re going to end up selling photos ranging in cost from $20 to $40. All of the proceeds go to Kitten Krazy.”

In addition to Kleon’s photos, Purrfect Portraits also boasts other perfect activities for animal lovers involving his one-of-a-kind portable photo studio.

“It’s almost like a house with interchangeable backdrops and its own interior lighting,” Kleon said. “It’s a full-fledged photo studio just for the cats at Kitten Krazy. It’s really taken my photos there to a whole new level.

“For this upcoming gallery show we decided to bring the portable studio. We’re also going to have Santa there with a Christmas scene, so if people show up with their small dogs or their cats they can get a photo in the photo studio or with Santa.”

Kleon said he hopes to make the gallery display and sale an annual holiday affair. As for the idea of dogs and cats getting together, he said the onus is on the pet owners.

“As long as people are responsible when they bring their pets in, it’ll be fine,” Kleon said.



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  1. Marc Gooman

    I have the worlds most wonderful beautiful cat that was a feral bran cat that immediatly durned into a super, loving house cat. I would be honered if you would consider taking her photograph.

    Best, Marc Goodman Cleveland

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