Busy Northeast Ohio Authors Have Plenty of Holiday Gift Ideas

The clock is ticking on the holiday shopping season, which means more than likely you’re running out of ideas. Here’s a thought on how to cross a few names off your list by picking out newly released books with ties to Northeast Ohio. Best idea: stop in a locally owned bookstore to pick them up, and you’ll mostly likely find other intriguing titles as well as card and literary gift items. Here are a few titles to look for that could provide the ultimate surprise gift.

Mark Twain’s America Then and Now

By Laura DeMarco

Plain Dealer reporter Laura DeMarco, who over the last two years released local books Lost Cleveland and Cleveland Then and Now, is back with new effort Mark Twain’s America Then and Now. Featuring nearly 200 pictures tracing Twain’s journey through 69 locations, the detailed book also has a Cleveland slant involving his debut title The Innocents Abroad. Also, it turned out Twain nearly became the owner of a Cleveland newspaper.

Cleveland’s Millionaire’s Row

By Alan F. Dutka

A deep dive along Euclid Avenue’s illustrious past is what author Alan F. Dutka provides readers on his new book Cleveland Millionaires’ Row. The Cleveland historian not only explores the politicians, bankers and industrialists who built stately homes, but he also delves into the birth, glamor, decline and renaissance of a grand old street.

Mike Hargrove and the Cleveland Indians — A Baseball Life

By Jim Ingraham

Known as a “The Human Rain Delay” during his playing days, former Cleveland Indians player and manager Mike Hargrove details his career in the new book chronicling his life. The former Rookie of the Year talks about growing up on small-town sandlots, being an All-Star, overcoming a tragic accident, winning five consecutive division titles, losing Game 7 of the World Series and getting fired.

Cleveland A to Z

By John J. Grabowski

Local historian, professor and author John J. Grabowski’s Cleveland A to Z features 72 short articles covering people, places and events that — along with issues, attitudes and quirks — define the city’s character. The 120-page book is part of the Western Reserve Historical Society’s 150th anniversary celebration.

The Usual Suspects

By Ron Hill

Editorial cartoonist Ron Hill spent the last 20 years providing political and social commentary on local and national figures. It’s the latter that he shares with his new retrospective book The Usual Suspects, which features editorial cartoons related to, well, the usual suspects — George W, John McCain, Donald Trump, Bin Laden and both Clintons.

Unique Eats and Eateries of Cleveland

By David G. Molyneaux and Fran Golden

Co-authored by former Plain Dealer Travel Editor David G. Molyneaux and Boston journalist Fran Golden, Unique Eats and Eateries of Cleveland explores Northeast Ohio’s iconic restaurants, fine dining establishments and tiny storefronts. In addition to interviewing famous local chefs such as Zack Bruell and Michael Symon, the authors also uncovered stories of hard work and resilience from cooks, growers and entrepreneurs.

From Captain Penny to Superhost

By Mike and Janice Olszewski

Telling tales from the golden age of Cleveland children’s television from the 1950s to 1970s, From Captain Penny to Superhost provides an insider’s view of local personalities such as Barnaby, Woodrow the Woodsman, Franz the Toymaker, Romper Room’s Miss Barbara and Jungle Larry.

Vintage Cavs

by Terry Pluto

A quarter of a century after the Cleveland Cavaliers played their last game at the Richfield Coliseum, Terry Pluto offers fans a fun look back at the franchise’s first two decades of existence. The book is a must-have for that one uncle in every family who annually reminisces about “The Miracle of Richfield” and complains about the trading of Ron Harper.

[Written by John Benson]

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