Maelstrom Collaborative Arts Recreates Dante’s Inferno in Gordon Square Warehouse

Tue 10/22-Sun 10/27 @ 7:30PM

It’s hard to believe that the ensemble that now calls itself Maelstrom Collaborative Arts was once just a theater presenting plain old plays — although often very adventurous ones — under the name Theatre Ninjas. By the time it changed its name and moved into its current permanent space, it was already outgrowing that model, doing interactive, scriptless, site-specific events. Since then it’s done everything but standard theater, with multi-disciplinary events that bring the “collaborative” part of its name to the fore.

And now they’ve come up with something else entirely. Executive artistic director (and founder) Jeremy Paul and a team of dozens of performers, musicians, writers, painters, directors and more will bring to life the story of Dante’s Inferno for the week leading into Halloween. These artists will recreate the nine circles of hell in various disciples and media, working modern interpretations into the whole story of sin and redemption, with dance, theatre installations, puppetry, music and who knows what else.

“‘Inferno’ is a culmination of everything we’ve been doing at MCA for past two years,” says Paul. “We have worked with so many incredible artists as a part of our Mixed Media performance series, and we wanted to take those collaborations to the next level. This is going to be an epic, wild piece where the audience will bounce between unique visions of hell as created by our awesome teams of creators. The pieces will vary dramatically in tone and medium, creating a hell that reflects many different points of view.”

It all takes place at Cyclewerks Warehouse in Gordon Square, 1265 W 65th Street. Tickets are $10-$25 and can be purchased online or at the door.

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