United Church of Christ Hosts Interfaith Service & Luncheon to “Welcome the Stranger”

Mon 9/16 @ noon

There’s a major Christian denomination that’s headquartered in Cleveland: The United Church of Christ. Those are the “God is still speaking” people, whose progressive social activism has sometimes earned them the sobriquet “Unitarians with more Jesus.”

As a participant in Global Cleveland’s 2019 Welcoming Week, the group is hosting a interfaith, nondenominational service and luncheon in the chapel of its headquarters downtown on Prospect Road.

“Welcoming Week is a natural fit for the United Church of Christ,” said Cynthia Bailie, who leads the denomination’s Office of Philanthropy, Technology, Identity and Communication, in a statement. “For decades, our congregations around the country have resettled refugees and given sanctuary and legal help to immigrants. Our office in Washington, D.C., works for just immigration policies. Action and dialogues with interfaith partners, on immigration and other issues, are a regular part of our life. We are an ‘Immigrant Welcoming Denomination,’ by formal declaration of our governing body, the General Synod. Living out God’s call to show hospitality and welcome the stranger is very important to us.”

Faith leaders, immigrants and refugees are especially encouraged to come, although everyone is welcome. It’s free; please RSVP by emailing giving@ucc.org.




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