Ohio Student Association Canvasses for CLASH

Sat 7/20

The Cleveland Lead Advocates for Safe Housing (CLASH) have been popping up all around Cleveland and at major events to collect petition signatures. They hope to give Cleveland residents the opportunity to vote on a ballot initiative that requires landlords survey their properties and certify them as lead-safe. Read more on CLASH here.

After the first 10,000 signatures were ruled ineligible by Cleveland City Council on a technicality, the organizers decided to hit the streets and do it again. Member organizations of the Cleveland Lead Advocates have each taken on the responsibility of overseeing canvass days throughout the rest of July. 

The Ohio Student Association Cleveland (OSA) is a group of young people who seek to build people power and independent political authority. On Sat 7/20, OSA asks that everyone and their mother come out to collect signatures with them. The canvass day will reach both the east and west sides of Cleveland in two separate shifts. 

At 10am, meet organizers at Dewey’s Coffee in Shaker Square and then break out into the morning’s farmers market. OSA members will give a quick crash course on petitioning and distribute booklets before sending you on your way. Meet back at Dewey’s at 1pm to return booklets.

The second shift will begin at 2pm at Edgewater Beach. Volunteers are asked to first meet at the Cleveland script sign, where another crash course will take place before you’re invited to disperse along the park. 

Anyone registered to vote in the City of Cleveland (no, none of the suburbs) and wants to see and end to childhood lead poisoning is welcome to sign, and all are welcome to donate their time to collect signatures. Reach out to osacleveland@gmail.com with any questions and follow their Facebook event here

[Written by Jenna Thomas]

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