Local Bands Showcased at Annual LoveMuffinPalooza Benefit Concerts

Sat 7/13-Sun 7/14

The 12thannual LoveMuffinPalooza takes place Saturday at the BOP STOP and Sunday at Brothers Lounge.

The lineup for the former includes Tracy Marie, Tom Adams, XLT 1000, the Village Bicycle and Birdog Cats with emcee Shawn Brewster; artists appearing at the latter are Ray Flanagan, David Smeltz & the Smeltztones, the Tie Downs, Cary & the Dissidents and MellaDramatics with Fox8’s Todd Meany and Jessica Dill emceeing the event.

Having raised more than $8,000 over the last seven years, LoveMuffinPalooza also has a fundraising component. Proceeds for this year’s affair goes towards cancer support center the Gathering Place.

CoolCleveland talked to Love Muffin Records founder and local concert promoter Adam Rich about this year’s shows.

CoolCleveland: What is LoveMuffinPalooza?

Adam Rich: LoveMuffinPalooza is my yearly concert. The name comes from my record label, Love Muffin Records. Love Muffin was a nickname given to me on my 9th grade soccer team in high school. I basically wanted to do my own version of Undercurrents, the music festival that was here in the 80s and 90s. I loved the aspect of going to see different bands each night at different venues. The first three years it was just another concert, but in 2011 I started with the charitable aspect. Then in 2012 I partnered with the Gathering Place, a local cancer support center. That made it take on a whole new tone and more serious meaning.

CC: Anything new planned for this year’s LoveMuffinPalooza?

AR: LoveMuffinPalooza 2019 presents a few more changes. I did have a full lineup for a Friday night, but could not secure a venue in time. So it’s just a Saturday and Sunday event. It’s the first time it’s only been two days and nights since 2010. We also have 45 raffle prizes this year, which is a new record.

CC: Does each night offer a different flavor of music?

AR: I do try to group the bands loosely according to genre each night. I also try to put bands that have played with each other and are friends on the same night.

CC: What is LoveMuffin Records?

AR: It’s the label I started in 1994 to release my own music in college. I put out three cassettes, then in 2001 my first CD. Since then I’ve released three more CDs. I took on a few bands at various points. Only Skychief still exists. We’ll hopefully be releasing their next album in 2020.

CC: What do you hope people think about when they hear LoveMuffinPalooza?

AR: To come on out and support a good cause. I think everyone knows someone who has passed from cancer or has cancer, whether it is someone in your immediate family or extended family or even a longtime friend or co-worker.

CC: Finally, are you surprised LoveMuffinPalooza lasted this long?

AR: No. I plan to keep doing this until I die or am physically unable. I’ll be the 75-year-old guy in the wheelchair or with a walker at the event and probably still playing in some sort of a band at LoveMuffinPalooza.




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