Gordon Arts District Helps Creatives Price Their Art

Mon 7/22 @ 6-8PM

Art is difficult to value. There are materials, labor and time, and meaning that must be somehow calculated into a price. Experience matters, location and audience matters, and there’s no exact equation to make this easier. There are complexities related to pricing art that you don’t see with other industries. 

It’s also never easy to ask people for money, so underselling your pieces can often happen in creative entrepreneurship. 

But makers must make a living too, and Gordon Square Arts District’s Creative Professionals series is a resource to help empower and you to do so. On Mon 7/22 @6-8pm, join fellow artists for a panel discussion on pricing your art. This panel is not only meant to help you set a value to your art, but also tips and tricks for approaching venues a gallery and help you understand Cleveland’s market. The event will take place at 78th Street Studios’ RAMP level. 

Panelists include: 

Christy Gray of Gray Haus Studios

Mitchell Sotka of Mitchell Sotka 

Althea Jones of The Black House Gallery


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