Morgan Conservatory Shows Transformation and Know-How of Papermaking

Fri 6/7 @ 6-9PM

The Morgan Conservatory is known for their specialization in all things paper. In fact, they are the largest arts center in the U.S. dedicated to papermaking, books arts, and letterpress printing. They have programs ranging from studio space, public workshops, and free art exhibitions.

Opening reception for their upcoming dual exhibition will be held on Fri 6/7 @ 6-9pm and will creatively highlight their other programs.

Traces Past celebrates the process of papermaking and then its utilization for expression. The artists transform plant fiber to create mementos of cultural and psychological experiences and their search for beauty. The artists not only made the paintings and castings displayed, but also the materials themselves. Pieces will continue to be on display until July 20th.

The workshops the Morgan offers are run by dedicated artists, including nationally recognized individuals in their practice and arts educators. Many of these workshop hosts will be showcasing their own pieces. Entitled “Know How”, the exhibition  provides insight into the expression, inspiration, and unique skill sets of the artists and educators teaching workshops at the Morgan this summer. It highlights the Morgan’s many specialties: papermaking, printing, bookbinding, book arts, and mixed techniques. Visit on the opening night for beverages and appetizers, or during their normal hours until July 6th.


[Written by Jenna Thomas]

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