PechaKucha Night: Waterways Features International Presenters

Thu 6/20 @ 7PM

Intersections of art and environmentalism are widespread and booming this upcoming weekend as the 50th anniversary of the (last) Cuyahoga River Fire approaches, with activities happening all over the city. If you feel excited to attend the various parties and celebrations, but want to know more about the on-the-ground work happening around waterway conservation, you aren’t alone!

On Thu 6/20, thought leaders from all across the world will offer a free series of educational talks on the pervasive issues of clean water, and the ways we are protecting them globally. Cleveland is an appropriate place for these conversations to take place — the river fire sparking conversations worldwide regarding the necessary work we need to take at the local, state, and national level.

In a fast-paced and Ted Talk-style format, presenters will have exactly 6 minutes and 40 seconds, a timed 20 seconds per slide, to share their story or convey their message to the audience. Experts in restoring waterways will join us from both local and global initiatives, representing organizations in Lebanon and Uganda, as well as Cleveland and Minneapolis

Taking place at Jacobs Pavilion, an open-air amphitheater on the banks of the Cuyahoga, almost 50 years to the day of the river’s burning, the event will highlight water issues in an exciting, accessible format appealing to both clean water stakeholders and the public at large. This event is free, but reserve your spot earlier here and see the full presenter list.

[Written by Jenna Thomas]

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