Performance Art Duo Princess Looks at the Male Role in Misogyny Discussions in Concert at moCa

Fri 3/29 @ 8PM 

Performance art duo Princess — Alexis Gideon and Michael O’Neill — builds its multi-disciplinary presentations on music as it explores concepts of masculinity misogyny and queerness. Describing itself as “simultaneously gay, straight, queer, masculine and feminine,” it says “Princess embodies the fluidity and coherence between the seemingly contradictory.”

The duo performed between 2004-2006 before going on to other projects — which both members have full portfolios of — and reunited in 2017. When they come to moCa Cleveland, where Gideon has performed previously, they’ll perform Out There, a live video and music performance. It asks what role men should play in the current cultural discussions about misogyny, using a science fiction-style narrative.


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