Chicago Artist Nick Cave’s Multimedia Work Opens at the Akron Art Museum

Sat 2/23 @ 11-5PM

Chicago-based artist Nick Cave (not the Australian singer of stark songs about death) demonstrates that you can make intriguing art out of almost anything. His best known works are his so-called “soundsuits,” intricate human-like sculptures created from bits of fabric, buttons, toy and other found items, that incorporate elements of sculpture, fashion, performance art and dance. In fact most of his work is based on recycled “found” materials including beads and bamboo strands which make up a large-scale installation that’s part of his new show at the Akron Art Museum, titled Feat. Video is also part of this immersive show, which opens this week and is on view through Sun 6/2.

As the press release for the show explains, “The artist originally conceived of the soundsuits — so-named because of the noise they make when he moves in them — in the wake of the 1992 Rodney King beating by Los Angeles Police. Putting on his very first soundsuit, Cave found that it provided a kind of protective armor, camouflaging his race, gender, class and sexuality.”

It draws a connection to the spectacular handmade suits of the Mardi Gras Indian tribes, African ceremonial garb and Tibetan folk costumes, and “his belief that art can engender connectivity and compassion.”

There is an opening celebration on the exhibition’s first day, Sat 2/23, from 11am-2pm. It’s free for members, $10 for others. Registration is required.

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