CoolCLE PODCAST #07: Ben Orr Biography

This week, the CoolCLE show talks to the author of a Ben Orr biography, Joe Milliken. Cleveland features heavily in the story of this co-founder, co-lead singer, and bassist for the platinum-selling rock band, The Cars. The book, Let’s Go! is available from November 11th from all major retailers.

Milliken speaks about his 10-year long process to dig deep into the personality and history of Cleveland native, Ben Orr – from his rise to stardom at such an early age to his international success with The Cars. And most importantly, he speaks about his wonder of how Orr never forgot his roots in Northeast Ohio or let celebrity go to his head.

Also, in the episode we feature new music from two Cleveland acts. Michael McFarland (pictured above) has released his sixth album, House of Ghosts, and we have the first single from that called A Work in Progress.

And hard rock trio, Bonnie Clydeman (pictured above), released its latest single, Hanover Fist which coincides with their appearance at Cocky’s Bagel Sandwiches Friendsgiving to End Childhood Hunger on November 16th.

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