PHOTOSTREAM: Rooms to Let CLE in Slavic Village by Anastasia Pantsios & Thomas Mulready

Sat 7/28-Sun 7/29

Rooms to Let CLE, now in its fifth year, once again transformed three houses in Slavic Village slated for demolition, into art hubs, filled with installations, wall paintings, performance spaces and even a sauna. There were art-making activities in driveways, drummers on a front lawn, and a host of artist-decorated chairs for sale for a song. Loren Naji’s EMOH, a mobile globe “home” made from debris of demolished houses, as parked next to one house. Even a vacant lot was filled with art — old furniture, herbs in pots and an altar to which visitors could make their own contributions. A caricature artist wandered by and set up his easel to do impromptu portraits of passersby.

While some of the art dealt with specific issues such as opioid abuse and guns in schools, much of it was more abstract, dealing with ideas about memory and loss, decay and rebuilding. And some of it was just eye candy!

View the PHOTOSTREAM here.

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