PHOTOSTREAM: The George Martins at the Akron Civic Theatre

They’ve only been a band for less than two years, and already The George Martins are making a reputation as a band who treats The Beatles’ songbook as classical music: no wigs, no suits, but an honest expression of the songcraft behind The Beatles: to soaring harmonies, the tight guitar riffs, the steady rhythms and the joie de vivre in playing these classic songs live in front of an audience.

Ironically, many of these selections were never actually performed live by The Beatles, so The George Martins can’t be accused of recreating a Beatles concert. Instead, they mine the cream of the best catalog in existence, program their sets brilliantly, and pull it all off with a fresh and vibrant energy.

The George Martins are: Michael Miller (Mike St. Jude and the Valentines), Nick Tolar (Herzog, Extra Medium Pony), Tony Bunce (The Farther Shore, The Twilight), Karah Vance (The Village Bicycle), and Jason Weiner (Brave Girls, Mike Uva and Hook Boy).

View the PHOTOSTREAM here.

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