Visit the Animals & Exhibits at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History on Memorial Day

Mon 5/28 @ 10AM-5PM

Yes, the Cleveland Museum of Natural History IS open on Memorial Day, and it’s a great place to take the kids if you don’t have a picnic or barbecue to go to. The animals at the Perkins Wildlife Center and Woods Garden don’t know it’s a holiday so they won’t be taking the day off from strutting their stuff for visitors. Wambli Askate, the museum’s newest bald eagle (pictured), will be among the critters you can met there.

All the museum’s attractions will be open, including the special exhibit Pterosaurus: Flight in the Age of Dinosaurs about the flying reptiles that lived in prehistoric times alongside dinosaurs.

Adult admission is $15; youth 3-18, college students with ID and seniors are $12.


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