VIDEO: The Challenging Yet Relatable Jazz of Dan Bruce’s :beta collective

Fri 3/23 @ 8PM

Dan Bruce’s :beta collective aims to challenge audiences with their specific brand of modern jazz but most importantly Dan Bruce aims to challenge himself as a composer. Bruce counters the relatable melody-driven music filled with composed grooves and harmonies with the unexpected through sections of free improvisation and other musical tricks, walking the line between these contrasting musical worlds.

CoolCleveland’s Stephan Haluska sat down with Dan Bruce to find out more about his music and his upcoming release, Earthshine. Dan Bruce’s :beta collective celebrates their release with performances at Blu Jazz + on Fri 3/23 at 8pm and the BOP STOP on Sat 3/24 at 8pm. In addition, the sextet will also give performances and clinics at Kent State University and Tri-C.

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