Get Growing! Mulberry Creek Herb Farm Is Open for the Season

Tue 3/13 @ 10-5PM

Are you getting the itch to start growing? It happens to a lot of us this time of year, as cabin fever sets in and the snowdrops and crocuses start to peek out.

Luckily, Mulberry Creek Herb Farm in Huron is now open for business!.The family-owned farm has been providing a staggering variety of organic herbs to local farmers and backyard growers for more than two decades. And each year, they add something new (and often exotic) to their mix. In recent years, they’ve added dwarf citrus trees, hops, cacao, eucalyptus, ginger and goji berries. Of course, there are always dozens of varieties of old standbys like basil, lavender, thyme, mint and sage — many more than you’ll find in your local garden center — as well as vegetable starters.

Mulberry Creek also specializes in fairy gardening with a vast variety of tiny plants and accessories to build your own little outdoor villages. Walking around the grounds, you’ll find tiny rooms erected among the plants, and even a model train that will keep the kids engaged while mom and dad shop.

Last year’s visitors will find something else new this year. After last year’s season ended, the old retail greenhouse was torn down and replaced with a much larger one, with more room for even more plants. You might have to block out a whole day to browse! Just a warning: Mulberry Creek doesn’t have its full range of plants available this early, so consider this a reconnaissance trip and plan to come back — several times!

Mulberry Creek is open Tuesday-Saturday @ 10am-5pm.



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