VIDEO: Early Childhood at The Music Settlement: ‘THE best preschool program in the area’

Sun 11/12

Early Childhood (EC) at The Music Settlement is one big family: just ask Sarah Johnson! CoolCleveland’s Stephan Haluska spoke with Sarah about her third child enrolled in TMS preschool. “It is THE best preschool program in the area. There is none better,” says Sarah.


Sarah’s first two children were enrolled and are now teenagers excelling as straight-A students, musicians, and athletes. Despite a 10-year gap between them and her current child at TMS, everyone remembered Sarah and her family.

There is not a wait list. “The best way to get in is to show up,” said Karen Heitlinger, TMS Center for Early Childhood chair.

5 Star Award Early Childhood Open House – Preschool, Day School, plus Kindergarten – on Sun 11/12. Details:

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