Blank Canvas Theatre Stages Musical “Urinetown,” As Relevant Today as When It Debuted in 2001

Fri 12/1-Sat 12/16 @ 8PM

The premise of the 2001 musical Urinetown sounds goofy, but it’s satire with a message relevant to where the U.S. is today.

Its plot involves a city with a water shortage so severe that private toilets have been banned and a giant corporation charges for the use of public toilets. Its commentary on environmental degradation and the pursuit of profit by corporations at the expense of public welfare is even more obvious now at a time when environmental protections are being gutted and basic needs such as health care are threatened so that billionaires can get a little richer.

It’s the perfect time for a theater like Blank Canvas to stage the play, which they’re doing this month as a little Christmas present to their audiences. Blank Canvas founder Patrick Climacco directs the show which runs Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays @ 8pm and Sundays @ 7pm, through Sat 12/16. Tickets are $18.



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