Convergence-continuum’s “In the Closet” Tells Multiple Stories of Inner Conflict

Fri 10/13-Sat 11/4 @ 8PM

Convergence-continuum’s next production, Siegmund Fuchs’ In the Closet tackles the issue of being open and honest about yourself. It revolves around 18-year-old John who flees to the closet following his first gay sexual encounter, where he finds Old Man, Middle-Aged Man and Young Man hiding. As they try to talk John into coming out of the closet, they confront their own reasons for being there.

Clevelander Fuchs is a lawyer who has served in the U.S. Department of Justice, and focuses on abuse issues in his research and writing. This play is presented in a “rolling world premiere” with Washington D.C.’s Rainbow Theatre Project. It runs Thursday-Saturday through Sat 11/4. Tickets are $20.


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