Two Photographers Create Narratives in Images at the Cleveland Print Room

Fri 9/8 @ 5-9PM

For its next show, the Cleveland Print Room has brought together the work of two artists, New York-based Lissa Rivera and northeast Ohioan Laura Ruth Bidwell. Each of them uses photography to create a narrative in which each image builds upon the central theme.

Rivera’s Beautiful Boy features her genderqueer domestic partner as her muse as they explore the different aspects of femininity.

“The photographs provide a canvas to investigate the visual language of womanhood that I was raised with, and that my partner is only beginning to explore,” says Rivera. “The photographs recall childhood fantasies of dressing up, tapping into deep-seated narratives about desire, beauty, freedom and cultural taboo. The fantasy of dressing up transforms the experience of being photographed into one that fuses identity-creation with image-creation.”

Bidwell says of her Gratiot series, which comprises her section of the show,”GRATIOT is a name. A place. A state of mind. Gratiot is a photographic project based on the fictional lives of Charles and Victoire Chouteau Gratiot, immortals who have navigated and thrived by night, across three centuries.”

The shows open with a free reception Fri 9/8 @ 5-9pm. They run through Sat 11/4.



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