Talespinner Children’s Theatre Classes Let Kids Learn the Nuts & Bolts of Theater

Sat 9/16-Sat 11/11

When Talespinner Children’s Theatre launched its inaugural season nearly six years ago, it brought distinctive, high-quality children’s theater to Cleveland. Its original productions draw on a variety of media and disciplines, including dance, music, puppetry, masks and costumes, to relate stories based on myths, folktales and fantasies from around the world.

Perhaps you’ve taken your kids to some of the shows, and they’ve become really excited to know more about how these productions are put together. Well, you/they are in luck! Talespinner offers Saturday classes from kids ranging from pre-schoolers to pre-teens, with separate classes for different age groups. There students can explore the various aspects that go into TCT storytelling and in the process learn confidence, communication skills and teamwork. At the end, each class will do an original performance for family and friends to share what they’ve learned.

Registration deadline for fall classes is Sat 9/9.


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