Akron Art Museum Invites Visitors to ‘Find a Face’ Buried in Art Works at New Exhibit

Thu 7/27-Sun 12/31

You know those news stories about people who see the face of Jesus in a piece of toast? There’s a name for that: “pareidolia.” It’s the tendency to find a coherent image in the random patterns of objects and natural phenomena.

There won’t be any pieces of toast in the Akron Art Museum’s new show, Find a Face. Instead, it’s pulled paintings, drawing, prints and photographs from its collection in which “faces” can be discerned.

“I love the idea that we’re surrounded by charming characters in our everyday lives, if we just take the time to notice,” says Akron Art Museum associate educator Gina Thomas McGee in the museum’s press release for the show. “So I apologize in advance to all of the visitors who will come to this exhibition and then see faces everywhere.”

Visitors can look for “faces” in an abstract work by Theodore Roszak, a screenpirnt by Karel Appel or a photo of a building by Williams Christenberry. And the gallery will be stocked with silverware, tools and toys on a giant magnetic head so visitors can create an artwork of their own.

The show will be on view through Sun 12/31


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