Prosperity Social Club in Tremont Offers Its Own Take on the Lenten Fish Fry


Fri 3/3 @ 11AM-2AM

Traditions die hard in Cleveland. And one of those traditions, beloved of its heavily Catholic immigrant community, is the Friday fish fry, still held at ethnic restaurants and social halls. And while the Catholic Church long ago abandoned its command to not eat meat on Fridays (I still remember the fish sticks we had on Friday at Girl Scout day camp so our one Catholic girl wouldn’t go to hell), many choose to forego it during Lent.

In honor of this, Prosperity Social Club is bringing back its Lenten menu every Friday from 3/4 through 4/14 (the Friday before Easter). It features a large serving of haddock in beer batter, with the house tartar sauce and sides of homemade coleslaw and mac & cheese. Heavy eaters can order the “super sized” meal with a cup of chowder and a pair of potato pierogi.

“The popularity of this seasonal staple grows every year so we’re opening early on Fridays at 11am and serving the fish fry right up until 2am to give diners more options,” says Prosperity owner Bonnie Flinner.

They’ll also be serving other “Fish Fryday” specials such as New England clam chowder, pan-seared tilapia in chimichurri sauce, a new lemony shrimp piccata pasta, or a smaller two-piece slaw-and-chips “Minnow” fry.

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