THEATER REVIEW/PREVIEW: Talespinner Concludes ‘Finn McCool,’ Looks Forward to Harlequinade


Talespinner Children’s Theatre took audiences to Ireland in their latest production, Finn McCool (A Tale of Irish Mythology).

The theatre company, located in the Gordon Square Arts District, is growing in popularity due to their regular offerings of high-quality — and affordable — theater for the whole family. Want to lend them your support (you should!)? Be sure to attend their annual fundraiser, Halequinade 2015, on Sat 10/17 and Sun 10/18. Day one is a party for the “young at heart” while day two includes an ice cream social for the whole family.

Talespinner productions are always high-energy, filled with a mix of laughs and audience participation. For Finn McCool, audiences walked in on an Irish balladeer strumming sing-a-long songs. Not only did this set the appropriate Irish cultural tone, it kept little ones entertained until the show started.

The play followed two Irish twins who — gasp — don’t have any stories to tell. Everyone knows Ireland is all about tales… so how could this be? They go on an adventure to find their voices and a tale to bring home to their village.

On their journey they encounter several figures of Irish mythology, such as an enchanting fairy and a trickster leprechaun. And of course, the giant of Ireland, Finn McCool, who turns out to need their help in fighting off the giant of Scotland.

The tale is whimsical and, as in other TCT productions, you get a feel for the culture the stories come from, via visuals, music and costumes. All are very culture-appropriate and enjoyable for all ages.

Be sure to check out Harlequinade, featuring a premiere of Peter and the Wolf and be on the look-out for their next production, Prince Ivan & the Firebird, on Sat 11/28.


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